Anti-Racist Resources

Our values are clear: Black Lives Matter. Five Oaks Museum is committed to anti-racist work as a community platform of historians, artists, and educators.

We feel profound gratitude and love towards our Black colleagues, community members and families. We condemn state sanctioned murder and reject the persecution of Black people. 

As a cultural institution, we are indebted to the essential and immeasurable contributions of Black people to American and global culture. We acknowledge white supremacy as the underlying structure of our nation and our organization—a structure which can and must be constantly dismantled so we can build anew.


The resources below have been compiled by staff and are updated regularly.

Combating Anti-Blackness & White Supremacy

Anti-Racism & Activist Resources

Black History in Oregon

Local Organizations to Support Now and Always

Downloadable Media

Feel free to print these resources at home or use them for your online presence. They can be displayed in windows, shared with friends and family, or used as social media avatars.