COVID-19 Community Resources

Five Oaks Museum is compiling resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic to help keep our community safe, stimulated, and connected. This page will be updated regularly.

Do you have extra Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as nitrile gloves or respiratory masks? Visit Get Us PPE to find out how you can donate these critical resources to healthcare professionals.

Report discrimination or hate incidents to Portland United Against Hate or the Oregon Department of Justice using their online reporting tool or by calling 1-844-924-2427.

For Families

For Educators

We miss you, learners! If you want help connecting Five Oaks Museum content to your classroom, drop us a line or visit our Learning page.

For Artists

For History Practitioners

Staff Picks

Free Downloads

Show your neighbors you care from the safety of your home with these free posters and coloring pages.