Christopher Lum

Christopher Lum (he/him) is an artist from Oʻahu. This Japanese-Chinese local farmed on Oʻahu and Hawaiʻi islands before moving to the Pacific Northwest. He earned a B.A. in fine art from University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa.


digital illustration, 22″ x 16″, 2020.

My work is about Laka, the wife of Lono. I wanted to convey the influence of aloha ʻāina, and the spread of canoe plants through the Pacific. On one hand, it is a tribute to the work of Herb Kane, on the other, I wanted to convey some of the brilliance that Hawaiians had for traveling with several plant allies/canoe plants. The gesture is the same as the Buddha asking the Earth to bear witness; in the same way it is a gesture to ask us to listen to nature and be inspired by it.

—Christopher Lum

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