George Okuhara

George Okuhara (he/him) is a Japanese-American artist who moved to Oregon from Hawaiʻi in 2017. 

Waialae Avenue

oil painting, 30″ x 40″, 2008

This painting was the only painting that I brought over from Hawaiʻi. This painting depicts Waiʻalae Avenue in Kaimukī. It is a scene in front of my Honolulu studio done in the old “Bay Area Figurative” style.  I’ve lived in Hawaiʻi since 1955 to 2017. I have works in the Hawaiʻi State Art Museum system and shown at the Honolulu Art Museum. Since moving to Oregon I have been in 2 juried shows, 1 one man show, and 1 group show.”

—George Okuhara

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