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Community Organizations + Institutions

Asia Pacific Cultural Center

Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon

Awaiaulu, Inc.

City of Victoria Archives

Coalition of Communities of Color

Filipino American National Historical Society

Hawaiʻi State Archives

Hālau Ka Lei Haliʻa O Ka Lokelani

Hula Hālau ʻOhana Holoʻokoʻa

Ka ʻAha Lāhui ʻAha O ʻOlekona (Hawaiian Civic Club of Oregon)

Ke Kukui Foundation

Oregon Historical Society

Oregon Nikkei Endowment

Pacific University Archives

Royal BC Museum

Salt Spring Island Archives

Uluwehi Hālau Hula O Kapukui

UTOPIA (United Territories of Pacific Islanders Alliance) – Portland and Seattle

Washington State Historical Society

Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience

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