Donate to Five Oaks Museum

In a community, we rely on each other.

You rely on Five Oaks Museum to present bold, beautiful exhibitions and learning units, to be responsible stewards of the objects that hold our shared histories, and to be growing always in the direction of our values. 

Five Oaks Museum, as an independent nonprofit, relies on the generosity of supporters like you to sustain storytelling and preservation work, extend access to free learning, and ensure we are accountable to the communities we serve. 

When you sustain the museum through monthly giving your impact is even more profound: year-round stability that allows efficient delivery of ongoing programs and bandwidth to respond to community needs when they arise. 

Your monthly donation tells us that we are in this together; we reciprocate with free membership for all monthly giving at $5+

Give today and your generosity will:

  • Generate exhibitions that uplift essential histories and cultural content to help us better understand our shared world.
  • Ensure ethical compensation for the diverse experts and artists creating the museum’s content.
  • Nurture vulnerable community members through learning resources that especially serve youth, elders, and those facing isolation.
  • Cultivate and spread innovative approaches towards just and vibrant museum and non-profit sectors.

You can also pay by credit card by calling the museum at (503) 645-5353, or send a check payable to Five Oaks Museum to 3300 NW 185th Ave, Ste. 260 Portland, OR 97229. 


Five Oaks Museum knows that people have different resources to share and treats all giving equally. To discuss non-monetary support, such as in-kind donations and volunteering, email


Thank you for being part of our community and our work!