2021 Arts Guest Curators

Exhibition Opening July 17, 2021

Rya Hueston is an interdisciplinary artist whose body of work is heavily influenced by her passion for history and her love of collecting. Through her work she strives to acknowledge the absence of queer and POC presence in many historical narratives, using vintage and antique salvage and objects to create new stories, or help retell familiar ones. She is a member of the diné tribe of the Salt and Tobacco clans.

Rya’s artwork was featured in our 2020 art exhibition, Gender Euphoria: Contemporary Art Beyond the Binary, curated by Becca Owen.

Kat Salas was born in Gallup New Mexico and is a proud citizen of the Chiricahua nation. After leaving home at 17, Kat began trading sex to survive. During this time, Salas began organizing with their community and curating art exhibitions through STROLL PDX. Since then, Kat began their thriving tattoo practice as a way provide security while transitioning out of the Sex Industry and is currently the Program Manager for New Day- an advocacy and mentorship program for youth survivors of Sex Trafficking. Kat continues to reimagine the intersection of social justice, indigenous identity, and contemporary art.