Museum at (Our Place)

Bring the museum to your place!

Museum at (Our Place): This IS Kalapuyan Land is or has been on view at:
  • Downtown Hillsboro, OR
  • Congress Yard Projects in Portland, OR.
  • APANO Orchards 82 in Portland, OR
  • Downtown Beaverton, OR
  • Five Oaks Middle School, Beaverton, OR
  • Oregon Episcopal School, Raleigh Hills, Portland, OR
  • Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR
  • St. Anthony School, Tigard, OR


What is Museum at (Our Place)?

Museum at (Our Place) is an opportunity for you and your neighbors to host a museum exhibition in your neighborhood, on your street, or in your windows. Kits include 10 yard signs, social media support, and a Stay Learning guide to share and learn with your neighbors. Read through the materials and contact to bring your M(OP) kit home.


Currently Available:

Museum at (Our Place): This IS Kalapuyan Land


Coming Soon:

Museum at (Our Place): Gender Euphoria

Materials for M(OP): This IS Kalapuyan Land