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For over 600 years, people, plants, and animals have gathered under the Five Oaks. This grove of five Oregon white oak trees stands tall in what is now Hillsboro, and was called Chatakuin (Place of the Heavy Stone Mortars) by the Tualatin Kalapuya. While there are other ancient white oak trees in the Tualatin Valley, only the Five Oaks are known to carry such a long story of human interaction. 

If these trees could speak, they would tell stories of how they thrived with Indigenous land stewardship. They would recall the changes caused by colonial settlement, agriculture, and urban growth. The oaks would applaud generations of caretaking efforts. They would remind us that we, the people who live here, are also part of nature. Ultimately, the oaks would show that when humans and land care for one another, we can weather the changes of the future. 

Everyone and everything who calls this place home is part of the story. What will your part be?