Stories of place through the eyes of its people.

Five Oaks Museum brings Washington County’s many histories to life through a wide range of exhibits that help our community learn and grow together. We work to preserve important objects and stories. We examine local history through multiple lenses. We celebrate the arts, creativity and curiosity. Through our Guest Curator program our exhibitions are built by people telling their own stories, and are developed to be cultural resources for the entire community.

Browse our current and past exhibitions below.

Featured Exhibition

Gender Euphoria: Contemporary Art Beyond the Binary

A celebration of works by PNW gender non-conforming artists who explore feelings of delight and elation in genderqueerness.



Digital Exhibition

This IS Kalapuyan Land

A bold and critical exhibition  that questions how Native history is told, shares Tualatin Kalapuyan history from a contemporary Kalapuyan perspective, and features artworks by indigenous descendants who are contributing to cultural survivance today.



Also on Display

Museum at (Our Place)

Look for the This IS Kalapuyan Land yard sign exhibitions in Portland and Forest Grove.


Ghost Net Landscape

Artist Emily Miller transforms salvaged fishing rope into baskets and artwork.



Upcoming Exhibitions


Opening November 12, 2020

DIS/PLACE will shine light on the widely unknown connection between Hawai‘i, the Pacific Northwest, and the communities that continue to flow between these two regions.

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Past Exhibitions

Father and Son viewing Mural


September 2018 – June 2019

The stories in this exhibition tell about performing agricultural labor in the Tualatin Valley, in different times, with different crops, and under different social and political circumstances.

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Timber in the Tualatin Valley

With many original artifacts on loan from local collector Bill Racine, this display aims to teach visitors about the history of logging in Washington County, from the first pioneers to railroading to gas powered engines.

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Staff Show

January 2020

In this exhibition, the Five Oaks staff investigates the many ways in which the Five Oaks name, historic site, and its potential resonates within each of us working at the museum today.

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