Guest Curated Exhibitions

Stories of place through the voices of its people.

The Guest Curator program at Five Oaks Museum was created to decentralize the museum’s singular authority and voice in storytelling. Instead, the curation and storytelling of all major exhibitions is in the hands of our community members, who can speak about their own history and experiences the most authentically. The museum provides the platform from which truthful, multi-sided stories can be told with support from our staff and cultural resources.

Each year, we present an art exhibition and a history & culture exhibition, which are selected by committee. All exhibitions are offered online so their content and insights can live beyond the time and space constraints of the physical museum space.

We softly launched the program in 2019 with the acclaimed exhibition This IS Kalapuyan Land curated by Steph Littlebird Fogel, and officially launched the program in 2020 with Gender Euphoria: Contemporary Art Beyond the Binary, curated by Becca Owen and DISplace, co-curated by Kanani Miyamoto and Lehuauakea.

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Maiden in the Field painting

Untouchable Artifacts

Our 2021 art exhibition is a love letter to the art, practice, and importance of indigenous storytelling on Turtle Island.

In the exhibition, eleven indigenous artists who hold intersectional identities and carry ancestral knowledge continue the tradition of storytelling. Each artist has recorded themselves reading their story.



Our 2020 history & culture exhibition shines light on the widely unknown connection between Hawaiʻi, the Pacific Northwest, and the communities that continue to flow between these two regions.

As far back as 1787, people coming from and through the Hawaiian Islands to what’s currently considered the Pacific Northwest have made important contributions to culture and industry throughout the region.




Upcoming: #StandUpFG

Exhibition Opening October 23, 2021

In this upcoming online exhibition, Guest Curator Israel Pastrana examines the circuitous roots and routes of Latinx youth activism in the Willamette Valley.

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