Five Oaks Museum Announces New Codirector

Rachel Brumit, Codirector!

The Five Oaks Museum in Washington County has announced Rachel Brumit as its new Codirector, joining original Codirector Molly Alloy in the organization’s groundbreaking collaborative leadership model. Brumit was hired from within, selected by the Five Oaks Museum Board of Directors after having worked in nearly all capacities at the organization since 2018. 

“I care deeply for this community and I see how important this place is to the people we work with and serve,” Brumit reflects. “Throughout my time at the museum I’ve embraced continually taking steps to learn and contribute more, always connecting what the organization has to offer back to the community. Stepping now into the Codirector role will allow me to ensure that our systems and strategies fully enact that commitment.”

“We were in need of an operational visionary, who cares deeply about history and uplifting voices, and that has the capacity and interest in the work that comes along with co-leadership.”

Board Co-Chair Vanessa Benedetti

The former Washington County Museum rebranded as Five Oaks Museum in January of 2020 with an emphasis on equitable historical and cultural storytelling while also serving as the official caretaker of the County’s historical collection. In addition to the change in name, the Museum also launched its co-leadership model with two equal partners – both in authority and compensation – directing the staff. The Five Oaks Museum Board of Directors is similarly led by two Co-Chairs.   

Brumit’s selection was the result of a thoughtful year-long process and a national search for the best person to balance Alloy’s strengths and contributions to the organization. Alloy will oversee the museum’s guest curator program, exhibitions, grants, communications, and learning, while Brumit will lead community-centered development and stewardship, operations, and cultural resources. 

We were in need of an operational visionary, who cares deeply about history and uplifting voices, and that has the capacity and interest in the work that comes along with co-leadership,” Board Co-Chair Vanessa Benedetti said. “Rachel has a depth of experience that aligns greatly with the needs of Five Oaks Museum and her vision for the future resonated strongly with the board and staff.”

“Rachel’s ability to deepen our development work by cultivating relationships within Washington County and beyond will be a key part of our organization’s success going forward,” Board Co-Chair Ameena Djanga added. “She is forward thinking and her care for this work can be seen in the strategies she is putting into action.”

Rachel Brumit smiling for a headshot in front of a softly colored mural

Brumit came to the museum with a long record of success in office management, non-profit operations, and facilities management, but began her tenure as an administrative assistant making a below-market hourly wage in a part-time role. 

Step-by-step over the years, museum leadership built a pathway for her to expand her level of engagement with the work while still prioritizing her family. Brumit eventually transitioned to a full time, salaried role, allowing more of her talent and experience to be deployed.


She grew into member services and donor management, creating the path to community-centered development with recurring giving and exhibition sponsorships, and played an increasingly prominent role helping to oversee cultural resources. 

“I cannot imagine anything more stabilizing, more energizing, and more grounding for our work at this time than Rachel’s leadership being recognized and nourished,” Alloy said. “She’s pragmatic and meticulously organized, but still agile and gifted at seeing interconnections and mutually beneficial opportunities for partners.”

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