Arthur Burns

Arthur Burns (he/him) is a queer, gender nonconforming, trans man who loves to make gender affirming art for his community! He has been making art since childhood, but started getting more serious about it over the past two years. He was inspired to start selling products with his designs on them, like stickers and buttons. He finds inspiration in the lack of queer representation and merchandise available. He wants to fill some of those gaps and help make people feel more comfortable with their identities.

Flower Boy

digital illustration. 2019

Transmasc Merperson

digital illustration. 2019

Self-Care Gardener

digital illustration. 2020

Trans Demon

digital illustration. 2019

“These pieces represent gender euphoria in transmasculinity. They were inspired by the old fashioned American tattoo style. They were created because there are very few depictions of transmasculinity in pin up art and I wanted to help change that.”

— Arthur Burns

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