Ebenezer Galluzzo

Ebenezer Galluzzo (he/him) is a gender non-conforming trans man, mother, and husband living in Portland, Oregon. He uses photography to redefine the lenses through which he sees the world and the world sees him. Photography is Ebenezer’s tool to reveal his stories in counter balance to the stories attached to him by external cultural forces. His self-portraits celebrate and claim his own narrative and show his artistic perspective on his trans experience. Ebenezer extends his gratitude to the spaces that have highlighted his work through solo shows, including Paragon Arts Gallery and Blue Sky Photo Gallery, as well as the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, where he was the 2020 artist in residence.

Wear Bravery

digital photograph, gold paint. 20″ x 24″. 2018.


digital photograph, gold leaf. 16″ x 20″. 2020

Sphere from Heaven

digital photograph, gold paper and stars. 16″ x 20″. 2019


digital photograph. 24″ x 30″. 2018


digital photograph. 16″ x 20″. 2017


digital photograph, copper paint. 20″ x 24″. 2017

“This photographic project began as a way to witness the truth of my gender expression and morphed into a celebration of myself, my power, and embracing my trans identity. These self-portraits and the process of creating them are a refuge from the judgmental words that inhabit my mind, limiting my ability to listen to the wisdom of my body. Through self-portraiture, I make the multitude of my experiences visible and valid. The process of composing, printing, and adding paint and collage have helped me unravel my truth from the imposed binary gender system of dominant culture, which tells me my existence is unnatural. Body postures, color, symbols, emotions, and objects are gendered in our culture, and imposed on us from the moment of our birth in accordance with our genitalia. My images challenge these gender norms, while seeking new possibilities for existence through dynamic contradiction. For me, contradiction opens a new path to what is possible. Each photograph, in the time between printing and completion, occupies a liminal space. Within this liminal space the story of each photograph unfolds, revealing my internalized assumptions, judgements, and personal truth. When I add paper, paint, objects, or gold leaf, I transform the original photograph into an image that counters shame with pride. For me, each portrait blesses the full existence of my trans identity while honoring the time it has taken me to open to a deepening self acceptance.”
— Ebenezer Galluzzo

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