Forest Svendgard-Lang

Forest Svendgard-Lang (they/them and he/him) is a queer trans artist from Portland. They enjoy playing with words, not only in Bananagrams or on a refrigerator, but on paper, usually in the form of poems. They also are quite taken with visual arts, whether it be digital art, sculpture, photography, or whatever new project they have taken on. Forest’s work is creative and colorful like them, exploring subjects such as gender identity, love, anxiety, and heritage.

Let’s hope the mirror fogs up
in all the places you feel dysphoric

digital illustration. 2020

Until another tattoo I’ll just have
to make patterns with my leg hair

digital illustration. 2020

T Thursdays

digital illustration. 2019

Gender Party

digital illustration. 2019

It's Tits: A Short Top Surgery Coloring Book

It’s Tits: A Short Top Surgery Coloring Zine cover

digital illustration. 2019

It’s Tits page 1

It’s Tits page 2

It’s Tits page 3

It’s Tits page 4

It’s Tits page 5

“No one else can understand your own experiences the way you do. I have been on testosterone for almost two years and I can say without a doubt it is the most unique and affirming process that I’ve ever experienced. To see my body change in ways I never thought it could or imagine is indescribable. I am now relearning many things about myself like how to embrace the feminine parts of myself, which I had suppressed in the past due to gender stereotypes. The top two digital paintings I made in the last couple of months thinking more about my racial identity and skin. In all of my self-portraits, I make an effort to draw in my tattoos as they are a way that I have been able to feel more grounded and in control of my body in times of discomfort. I credit so much of my ability to push my comfort zone in art and life to be able to experience gender euphoria to the supportive friends and inspiring trans people in my life.”

— Forest Svendgard-Lang

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