Pace Taylor

Pace Taylor (they/them) is a non-binary trans artist based in Portland, OR. They are emotionally preoccupied with Tenderness (and who it’s afforded to). Pace received their BFA in Digital Arts from the University of Oregon in 2015. Their work has been exhibited numerous times regionally, including at Disjecta, Weiden + Kennedy Gallery, Womxn House, and an upcoming group show at Third Room Project. Other recent experiences have included their participation in Prequel PDX (2018), an emerging artist fellowship program, and Tomorrow River Homestead Residency (2019) in Nelsonville, WI.

Inside Sounds .o4

soft pastel and graphite on paper. 16′ x 20″. 2020

Eating Together Means Everything To Me

soft pastel and graphite on paper. 50″ x 38″. 2020

Memory fails; a flower

soft pastel and graphite on paper. 30” x 22”. 2020

Loving Addendums .o4

cut paper and graphite. 7″ x 11″. 2020

Place, becoming Feeling. Feeling, becoming Place

soft pastel and graphite on paper. 50″ x 38″. 2020

“Through large soft pastel drawings and intimate graphite and cut paper drawings, I hope to provide resting points for my audience to participate in self-contextualization. As people, and especially as queer people, we’re often confronted with moments when the ideas we hold about ourselves are challenged or informed through interacting with others. We get to hold ourselves with someone else’s language, and then we can choose how to re-align ourselves. So, my work is about the active pursuit of understanding oneself, and I do that through images of queer people and the liminal worlds we build. There is also something deeply healing about being intimate with other gender queer people, romantically or platonically, and I try to capture these moments of deep emotional reverence for each other’s beings and bodies in vibrant color.”

— Pace Taylor

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