Ursa Nuffer-Rodriguez

Ursa Nuffer-Rodriguez (they/them and elle) is a portrait photographer and documentarian who was born and raised off the front range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and is now living and learning in the lush Willamette Valley of the Pacific Northwest. Ursa has been fascinated by image-making in all its forms since early childhood, but dove headfirst into photography a little over 8 years ago. They have been enamored by the process ever since; using the camera as a facilitator for conversations, connections, and story-telling. Recently, their work has shifted towards analog and alternative-process photography, with the intention of slowing down and getting hands-on with the image-making process. Much of their work explores themes of identity development, decolonial multiculturalism, and queer joy.

Sun & Shadow

35 mm film scan. 2019


35 mm film scan. 2019

In the Old House

35 mm film scan. 2019


35 mm film scan. 2019

“These photos encapsulate the beauty and tenderness of queer solidarity. As two non-binary individuals, the subjects play with the labels “boy” and “girl” in an attempt to challenge and reform ideas of (trans)masculinity and (trans)femininity. These images show the freedom and euphoria that emerges through trans love; how the most powerful tools for self-acceptance often come from connection and acceptance of others. Through expressions of platonic love and intimacy, this series proposes an alternate model of kinship and (chosen) family that is not limited to bloodline or hetero-patriarchal values.”

— Ursa Nuffer-Rodriguez

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