Instagram Takeover Open Call


About the Opportunity

Five Oaks Museum is looking for creators and knowledge-keepers to take over our social media channel on Instagram. Each takeover spans 6 days and should include an interactive activity and a culminating interactive feature. This is an opportunity for folks to use our platform to share their work with our museum audience and talk about the topics that are important to them. Reach out to Molly Alloy at to discuss a takeover!

(Artwork: “Duality” by Alejandro Macias, featured in #StandUpFG)

Instagram Takeover Guidelines

We provide clear parameters, but offer a lot of flexibility within that:

We ask for 6 posts over 6 days, including an introduction and an interactive, such as an activity prompt, Q+A in the stories, or an IG live session. We pay a stipend of $200, knowing folks do somewhere around 2 hours of work for each post. We offer suggestions for topics each day, which some people choose to follow closely and some choose to go in their own direction. They have free rein in the stories. Folks have the option to run their ideas or full posts by us, but they don’t have to. We encourage them to plan their posts ahead of time so that the workload is manageable. They are allowed to talk about any topic, as they are representing their own views and personal experiences and not the views of the museum.

We have only had to remove something once, and it was shared out of well-intentioned ignorance, not meant to be harmful. The largest issue I have is enforcing the 6 post parameter! People frequently go over in their enthusiasm, which is a problem because we want all takeovers to appear equal to each other on our grid. If someone needs to post less than 6 times due to unforeseen circumstances, that is totally fine though. 


Before Your Takeover Begins

  • Announce the takeover on your own platforms as applicable
  • Plan what you will share, following these guidelines. You do not need to work out every detail ahead of time, but having a plan will help you make the most of your week; it will go by fast! 
  • Email a headshot or alternative image of self to Codirector Molly Alloy ( They will return it as a branded framed image for your Day 1 introduction post so followers can visually identify the start of a new takeover.
  • Fill out and return the invoice template to be compensated for your takeover


Day 1 – Introduce yourself

  • Post the branded headshot/self image provided by the Learning Coordinator
  • Personalize your caption and please include the following details: 
  • Name and instagram handle (if you have one)
  • Area of focus (artistic medium, line of study, cultural role)
  • Where you’re from and where you live now (please include state abbreviation)
  • What you will focus on this week, can mention what type of interactives you will do 

Day 2 – Introduce your work

  • Could be: Describe the concept or argument in your work/ what project you’re currently working on/ your favorite project you’ve done


Day 3 – Interactive prompt

  • A great interactive prompt uses 4 or fewer materials that people commonly have in their home or neighborhood. 
  • When planning your prompts, please consider how a variety of people will be able to complete it: adults, children, people with disabilities, older adults, etc. Feel free to discuss your prompt ideas with the Learning Coordinator; she can offer suggestions to make your activity accessible or simplified.
  • In your image, consider showing an example. In your caption, include materials, steps, and ask people to post their completed projects and tag the museum so you can share their work in the museum story.
  • Some examples:


Day 4 – Details about your work #1

  • Could be: Set a cultural context/ what inspires you/ how your identity impacts your work


Day 5 – Details about your work #2

  • Could be: Share your process/ how you got started/ a day in your work


Day 6 – Culminate in an interactive feature

  • This is the main event of your takeover! 
  • If you’re up for it, going live for a period of time is highly encouraged. Showing how you work, walking followers through an activity, answering a Q+A, or having a conversation with a collaborator or friend are great options. Remember to hype it up and tell everyone when you will be live ahead of time.
  • If you don’t go live, consider posting a short video via IGTV, hosting a Q&A in the stories, or sharing a second interactive activity that builds on/complements your activity from Wednesday.
  • Remember to direct followers to where they can keep learning or follow your work now that your takeover week has ended!


After your Takeover

You’re all done! Within a month after your takeover, the museum will share a pdf document containing all of your posts on the museum website on this page:


Login Information

The username is @fiveoaksmuseum. The password will be emailed to you and will be valid for the week of your takeover only. Please do not share or change the password.



In addition to the posts, please use the stories freely, creating as many as you’d like. The more people can see into your practice, your community, and your world the better. You may share other people’s content here, and please give credit as much as possible!



Use any hashtags you would like. 


Automatic Posting to Facebook

The museum’s Instagram is already linked to our Facebook. When you write your post, please swipe the button to share to Facebook as well.



While we don’t allow you to sell anything through our platform, you may direct our audience to your own platform for sales. 


Unacceptable Content

All posts to the grid must be your original image or images that you credit the author/maker. Your posts express your viewpoints and opinions, and are not considered an official statement from the museum. We cannot allow any xenophobic or bigoted content on our platform at all, and will discuss with you and/or remove anything that we believe is harmful to any identity or cultural group.



You will be compensated $200.00 for your week-long takeover.