Irina Boboia

A Local Story Conversation


Irina Boboia shares her experiences as a multimedia artist and social justice advocate. This event was part of the Museum’s Local Story program and took place in conjunction with an exhibition of her work on display in the Beaverton Building through the month of April.

Boboia’s work touches on many subjects, but social justice and equal rights for immigrants and refugees remain central themes throughout. This video includes excerpts from her project called Two Worlds And Nowhere, in which Boboia interviews people about experiences with immigration and displacement, then adds footage and animations that accentuate the storytelling. From her own experience she describes how having to leave one’s familiar cultural context can lead to feeling divided, but also perhaps more open-minded. “Witnessing different cultures, you start to see that each one of them has their own truth,” says Boboia, “so you are more open to the other, because you can see that the other is just like you.”

Irina Boboia was born in Bucharest, Romania. She produces, directs and edits video, creates computer animation and shoots still photography. Irina received a BFA in film and video from the California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles (1984). She has worked and lived in Tel-Aviv, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Portland and she currently resides in Beaverton, OR and works in Vancouver, WA.

This event took place on April 11, 2019 while Five Oaks Museum was known by its former name, Washington County Museum.