Learning Materials

Learning Materials by Exhibition

Extend the learning opportunities from our exhibitions into your classroom or educational setting with our learning materials.

This IS Kalapuyan Land

Worksheets: This IS Kalapuyan Land

This IS Kalapuyan Land worksheets guide learners through the exhibition to question how Native history is told, share Tualatin Kalapuyan history from a contemporary Kalapuyan perspective, and look closely and create artworks inspired by Indigenous descendants who are contributing to cultural survivance today.

Museum at (Our Place): This IS Kalapuyan Land

Museum at (Our Place) Kits include 10 yard signs featuring artwork by contemporary Indigenous artists and a Stay Learning guide to share with your students or neighbors.


Learning Materials: DISplace

DISplace shines light on the widely unknown connection between Hawaiʻi, the Pacific Northwest, and the communities that continue to flow between these two regions. Follow the stories of Hawaiians in the Pacific Northwest, from early travelers to contemporary artists, in these learning materials for all ages.