When we learn, we grow.

Five Oaks Museum is proud to be a valued local resource for historic materials and learning opportunities. Whether you’re a history buff, young learner, or simply curious, there’s something fun, informative and interesting here for everyone.

Get into it.

Highly interactive field trip programs include lively discussions paired with hands-on learning. Families enjoy fun-filled workshops led by teaching artists from across the region. College students, professors, researchers and other inquisitive individuals dive into local history that spans from the precolonial to the contemporary. At the heart of it all is a vital backdrop created by community-led exhibits that touch on a variety of cultures, objects and ideas that have contributed to the Tualatin Valley’s rich history.

Learning with the Museum

All in-person learning programs at the Museum are currently unavailable as the museum building is closed to the public. Typically we offer: Field Trips, Group Tours, and Free Family Mornings. Currently we offer: Learning Materials for This IS Kalapuyan Land.

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Learning in the Community

The museum offers several options to bring learning and connections out into the community, including neighborhood Museum at (Our Place) exhibitions, Social Media Takeovers, and community-led Local Story presentations.

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The Five Oaks Museum archives are an extensive collection of historic materials about Washington County, including manuscripts, images, maps, oral histories and rare books.

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At Five Oaks Museum, we’re students of history, always seeking to learn more about the past, to understand how it led us to the present, and to use what we know to move forward together. Here’s a little more about the Tualatin Valley, Washington County, and the Museum.

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“This museum also helps students to become good observers as they become more imaginative and deep thinkers.”

-PCC Rock Creek 100-level writing student