The People Behind the Oaks

Two smiling Codirectors
Molly Alloy & Rachel Brumit

Molly (they/them) and Rachel (she/her) are the leadership duo for the museum. Hit them up about strategic partnerships, collaboration opportunities, events and public programs, and other wild schemes.  Rachel leads community-centered development and stewardship, operations, and cultural resources, and Molly oversees the museum’s guest curator program, exhibitions, grants, communications, and learning.

Aron Wagner
Visitor Services & Learning Coordinator

Aron (she/her) tends to visitors from scheduling through your visit, and also creates and shares learning experiences for all ages rooted in the museum’s Guest Curated exhibitions. Reach her for educational resources, Museum at (Our Place) sets, questions about your visit, and all things learning.

Lewyn Nelson
Cultural Resources Manager

Lewyn (they/them) tinkers in the back room and oversees policies, practices, and systems that support the museum’s cultural resources, optimizing their care, physical and digital organization, and accessibility for the benefit of the community.

Tanya Ledford,
Grant Writer

Tanya Ledford (she/her) is a grant writer based in rural North Carolina, supporting the museum in making compelling stories and orderly budgets to increase grant funding and grow the mission impact of the museum.

Cierra Johnson

Cierra (she/her) is an accountant, founder of bookkeeping firm Oak Books, and serves as our board treasurer. The connection to oaks felt like it was meant to be!

Mario Gallucci

Mario (he/him) is the visionary photographer behind the majority of the pictures on this website. Find more of Mario’s work here.

Past Guest Curators

Israel Pastrana
Curator, #StandUpFG, history/culture exhibition 2021

Rya Hueston
Co-curator, Untouchable Artifacts, art exhibition 2021

Kat Salas
Co-curator, Untouchable Artifacts, art exhibition 2021


Kanani Miyamoto
Co-curator, DISplace, history/culture exhibition 2020

Co-curator, DISplace, history/culture exhibition 2020

Becca Owen
Curator, Gender Euphoria: Contemporary Art Beyond the Binary, art exhibition 2020

Steph Littlebird Fogel
Curator, This IS Kalapuyan Land, history/culture exhibition 2019 & in perpetuity online

Board of Directors

Vanessa Benedetti – Co-Chair
Director of Real Estate & Facilities, Vestas

Ameena Djanga – Co-Chair
Corporate Information Security Analyst, Nike

Brian Decker – Secretary
Public Defender, Washington County

Cierra Johnson – Treasurer
Owner/Bookkeeper, Oak Books

Nafisa Fai – Ex Officio
Washington County Commissioner District 1 (Aloha, Beaverton, and Cooper Mountain)

Shannon Johnson
Arts Education Specialist

Brandon Culbertson
Indian Education Engagement Coordinator, Oregon Department of Education

Alfredo Moreno
Community Relations Manager, Portland Community College Rock Creek

Tom Hughes
Metro Council, Former Mayor of City of Hillsboro

Kira Iwasaki
Owner/Lead Designer, Habitat Landscape Design

Blair Denniberg
Executive Assistant, Cascadia Health

Cultural Resources Committee

Alanna Colwell – Committee Chair
Archivist & Records Supervisor, Washington County

Eva Guggemos
Archivist & Instructional Librarian, Pacific University

Ameena Djanga – Museum Board Representative
Corporate Information Security Analyst, Nike

Kira Iwasaki – Museum Board Representative
Owner/Lead Designer, Habitat Landscape Design