Mobile Learning

The Museum offers presentations in the community on topics of local history, arts and culture, taught by professional educators. Using a kit of objects and resources from the museum’s collection, presenters demonstrate how the objects were used in the context of the lives of the people who used them over time.

Museum staff is available for Museum Presentations in your community on Tuesdays.


This IS Kalapuyan Land

For thousands of years, Native people have been thriving in this region, despite systematic attempts by the U.S. government to cede Native lands and force people to assimilate to Euro-American ways. In this presentation, we examine both traditional and contemporary Kalapuyan life by following the “Kalapuya Year” to learn about Native ingenuity and technology that sustains traditional practices to this day.


Tualatin Valley: Recognizing Community Changes

Examine life in the Tualatin Valley from early Native traditions to fur trappers, settlers, Braceros, foodies, winemakers, and techies! This presentation includes furs, baskets, and historic fashion to be touched, displayed, and discussed.


Braceros: The Men of Migrant Labor

In 1942, faced with a labor crisis, the U.S. turned to Mexico for help; and The Bracero Program was born. While Americans were fighting in WWII, the Braceros traveled to Oregon and western other states, under a treaty with Mexico, to help local farmers harvest their crops. Trace the migration of a Bracero, examine historic photographs, and investigate the objects Braceros used.

*This program is also available in Middle & High Schools. Funding is available for schools that demonstrate financial need.

How It Works

To create a successful visit, there are a few organizational items to consider before contacting the museum.

  1. Each presentation is one hour long and includes a slideshow, discussion, and an opportunity to handle museum objects.
  2. The cost is $135 per presentation in Washington County, or $155 in the greater Portland region. All other locations will be assessed based on distance and travel time.
  3. Set-up takes approx. 30 minutes before the presentation.
  4. We request access for a large 6 to 8ft table in the presentation area.
  5. Please fill out the registration form below to make contact with the museum.

Schedule a Presentation


Please reserve at least two weeks in advance. Reservations are on a first-come-first-served basis and tend to fill up quickly. To make a reservation, please fill out the contact form below. The Education Team will respond to you within 3 business days. For further questions, you may contact education staff at (503) 645-5353 or by email at