Queering the World Workshop with Lo Moran

Queering the World Workshop with Lo Moran

This virtual event took place on Saturday, August 8 at 10:30 a.m. PST

Join artist Lo Moran (they/them) for this participatory workshop, in which you will discuss and practice therapies for queering the world. Lo will facilitate these “therapies” that allow all people to see themselves on spectrums of gender and sexuality, which can be experimented with and queered with intimate freedom and radical community support.

Conversion Therapy: Queering the World is a socially engaged art project that intends to research, reclaim, fuck with, confront and invert the methodologies of religious conversion therapy to the opposite effect. This project invites Queer people to give instructions for exercises and therapies to bring more queerness, openness and fluidity into a cis heteronormative dominated world.

In this iteration of their ongoing project, Lo has created a virtual waiting room where you can fill out a questionnaire that will contribute to the project. This online workshop will make use of the results of this questionnaire, creating a space for exchanges, practicing some therapies Lo has developed, and inventing new therapies together. Participants will explore questions like: “How do we unlearn ways we have been conditioned to act under patriarchy? How do we joyously challenge/disturb/destroy the still-present underlying sexism, homophobia and transphobia of the liberal moderate majority or the persecution of the state and the religious right? What would you say to a conversion therapist to convert them to the Church of Beautifully-Soft-Femme-Moustaches?”

View recording of the workshop here:

Lo Moran (they/them) creates interdisciplinary projects that are often participatory, collaborative and co-authored. They aim to question and change the systems we are all embedded in by organizing situations of connection, openness and non-hierarchical learning.

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