#StandUpFG Curator’s Talk

#StandUpFG Curator’s Talk with Israel Pastrana

This virtual event occurred on December 6, 2021.



About this Event


Hear from guest curator Israel Pastrana, in conversation with Alfredo Moreno, about the research process and curatorial decisions behind the exhibition #StandUpFG: Latinx Youth Activism in the Willamette Valley.

Israel Pastrana is a Chicanx historian and educator from the San Diego-Tijuana borderlands. In 2018, Pastrana worked with student activists to found Portland Community College’s Ethnic Studies program.
Some of the questions discussed: Why did you decide to explore this piece of Oregon history? How and why did you decide to use the loteria concept to tell this story? What role did art and music played in this work, and how did you select them? The student voice is everything in this story – what role did they play in the making of the exhibition itself? What are some differences and similarities between the conditions faced by Latinx students in the 1970s and those they face today? Were there any interesting archival finds that were left on the cutting room floor?


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