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For more than 60 years, your community museum has relied on the generous assistance and participation of individuals, families, businesses and other Washington County organizations. When you share your time, gifts and talents, you keep Five Oaks Museum alive and moving forward with robust exhibits and educational programs.

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Financial contributions support our ongoing operations and help us plan for future exhibits and learning programs with confidence. Every dollar you invest helps bring more cultural resources to the Washington County community.

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Explore the rich and diverse history and culture of the region. Enjoy fantastic exhibits, classes, lectures, programs, family activities, and special events that take you through the full spectrum of the country’s unique heritage. Share the innovative pioneering spirit that shaped today’s communities by supporting the diverse cultures that so richly define this remarkable area. Become a Five Oaks Museum member and it’s all yours!


Volunteer Your
Time & Expertise

Volunteers help Five Oaks Museum grow programs that would be impossible without community involvement. We offer a variety of opportunities for teens, college-age students and adults, as well as group/corporate volunteer opportunities at our major events.


Sponsor the Museum

Want to help extend the reach of Five Oaks Museum and the benefits we provide to the community? Sponsorship donations from corporations, foundations, public agencies and nonprofit associations help us deliver on-site and in-school programs and fascinating exhibits from Washington County and the world


“I enjoy learning anything about history and your rich presentation was absolutely great! Thanks for all you do and for teaching us so much!”

-Tom from Leadership Tigard