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Social Media Takeover: Emily Miller

Emily Miller, an artist featured in DISplace, explains her process of creating artwork and interactive community installations with responsibly recycled fishing gear and shares her connection to the ocean as a place of joy, grief, and sanctuary. This takeover occurred from January 10-16, 2021.

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Collecting Institutions are Not Neutral

In response to the events of 1/6/21. When viewing images of Wednesday’s attempted coup by Trump-loyal extremists who invaded the U.S. Capitol Building and displayed anti-Native, anti-Black and anti-Jewish symbology, we were struck by the layering of narratives between the violent scenes and the artworks on display in the background. The U.S. Capitol actively houses, cares for, and displays cultural resources related to American history. As a collecting institution ourselves, Five Oaks Museum exists in relation to that work.

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January 2021 Newsletter

Inside this issue: How the museum brand took shape in our first year as Five Oaks Museum, Organizational Chart, Creating in Community Program, and community updates.

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Social Media Takeover: Palmarin Merges

Palmarin Merges, an artist featured in DISplace, brought us our first international takeover (from Japan!) and shared how she gives used materials new life in her artwork. This takeover occurred from December 7-12, 2020.

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Our Values in Action 2020

The museum began this year with a name change, a rebrand, and the adoption of five values: Body, Land, Truth, Justice, and Community. How do health insurance, yard signs and a pandemic closure demonstrate our values in action? We looked back at the highlights and changes of this year to share how Five Oaks Museum enacted each of our five values in 2020. 

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Social Media Takeover: Aslan Newson

Aslan Newson, a queer Afro-Indigenous activist, describes how she found her voice and community through organizing with Fridays4Freedom, a Portland, Oregon-based collective of Black youth and allies for Black liberation, and shares about her self-growth and self-love journey in her identity. This takeover occurred from November 23-28, 2020.

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Call for 2021 Guest Curator Proposals

Five Oaks Museum presents two major exhibitions each year that are curated by community members of all backgrounds and experience levels. The application period to submit exhibition proposals is now open! Because the museum’s building is closed due to the pandemic, the 2021 exhibitions will be entirely online and featured prominently on the museum’s website.

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