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September 2021 Newsletter

Inside this issue: When We Learn, We Grow: This IS Kalapuyan Land and DISplace Learning Materials; Untouchable Artifacts Curator’s Talk, and Second Year of our Values-Based Budget — and community events and updates.

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M(OP): DISplace

Shining light on the communities that flow between Hawai’i and the Pacific Northwest through artworks and historic and contemporary images.

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2021-22 FY Values-Driven Budget

When creating our 2021-22 fiscal year budget, Five Oaks Museum put our money behind our ethics by categorizing our expenses by our museum’s five values: Body, Land, Truth, Justice, and Community.

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Social Media Takeover: Anangookwe Wolf

Anangookwe Wolf, an Ojibwe, Assiniboine and Dakota interdisciplinary artist, gives insight into their artistic process. Their work centers around current and past familial and cultural narratives and draws attention to the current afflictions that their communities are facing.
This takeover occurred from August 9-14, 2021.

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August 2021 Newsletter

Inside this issue: Routes and Roots of Latinx Student Activism: #StandUpFG opens Oct 2, 2021; Museum Re-Opening in Summer 2022, and Call for 2022 History and Culture guest curator proposals — and community events and updates.

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Upcoming: #StandUpFG

Exhibition Opening October 23, 2021

In this upcoming online exhibition, Guest Curator Israel Pastrana examines the circuitous roots and routes of Latinx youth activism in the Willamette Valley.

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Social Media Takeover: Weshoyot Alvitre

Weshoyot Alvitre, a Tongva and Scottish comic book artist, author and illustrator, shares how they combine their art and culture, gives audiences insight into their people: the Tongva, the Original people of the Los Angeles basin, and leverages the social space to retell their histories from Their own perspective as a sovereign group of people who were never given a voice in the colonial narratives of history. This takeover occurred from July 26-31, 2021.

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Social Media Takeover: Kat and Rya

Kat Salas and Rya Hueston, co-curators of the exhibition Untouchable Artifacts: A Virtual and Printed Exhibition on Indigenous Storytelling, History, and Resilience, share about storytelling in their own lives and in the exhibition. This takeover occurred from July 13-17, 2021.

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