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Title: Grand Ronde today

Today the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon includes twenty-seven tribes from Western Oregon and Northern California that were relocated to the Grand Ronde Reservation in the 1850s, including the Umpqua, Molalla, Rogue River, Kalapuya, and Chasta. Tribal membership now includes over 5,000 people throughout the world. With restoration of the reservation, tribal efforts have rebuilt institutions and service programs for members. Grand Ronde also established a philanthropic foundation called the Spirit Mountain Community Fund, which invests millions of dollars each year in support of Northwest Oregon community projects.

Today the descendants of the Kalapuya continue to celebrate and preserve the rich cultural heritage and ecological stewardship based on thousands of years of tradition.


Caption on top image: Grand Ronde Queen Leah Brisbois

Caption on center upper left image: Tribal elder Lean “Chips” Tom. Photo courtesy of Spirit Mountain Community Fund

Caption on center upper right image: A fancy dancer taken at the 2006 Annual Context Pow-wow held in Grand Ronde, Ore.

Caption on center lower left image: Veterans Pow-wow held each July at the Grand Ronde Pow-wow Arena

Caption on center lower right image: Grand Ronde’s Canoe Family aboard “Stankiya” during the 2006 Inter-Tribal Canoe Journey.

Caption on bottom image: Opening ceremony for the Ft. Yamhill State Park in Grand Ronde, Ore.


Visit the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde website.

Grand Ronde

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