Nestucca (Grand Ronde) paints contemplative works where figures appear in a haze that leaves their emotions and environment up to the viewer to fill in.

Nestucca became a painter only a year ago, but has quickly become prolific. She paints under her Native name “Nestucca,” which she was given in a traditional ceremony a few months ago. It is a family name from her great-great-grandfather, Nestucca Bobb, Tillamook Tribal chief. She signs all of her work with this name out of respect for her ancestor and Tribal leader.

Although she enjoyed art as a young child, “life happened” and Lewis had three children and an ensuing 30-year career working in real estate. She has worked for the Tribe’s Economic Development Department managing commercial real estate and has twice run for Tribal Council.

Without a Trace

Acrylic on Canvas, 24”x 30”

In honor of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

Walk a Mile

Acrylic on Canvas, 24”x 30”

Read about how Nestucca became an artist at the age of 60 here.

Artistic Awakening

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