This IS Kalapuyan Land:

Phillip Thomas (Chickasaw)

Phillip Thomas (Chickasaw) inspires storytelling through his vibrant and dreamlike paintings that mix imagery from many origins.

Floating Loksi’

Oil on birch panel

3′ x 4′

What is Loksi’?

Loksi’ means turtle in the Chickasaw language.

What is Turtle Island?

Turtle Island is a name for North America used by many Native American and First Nations people, based on creation stories.



Meet the Artist:

Thomas was first inspired by street art as a youth, and most of his young life was spent moving from the east to the west coast. He has been exposed to a range of American culture which has had a huge impact on his train of thought and how he approaches the content of his work.

Thomas is a color mixing wizard! He spends his days blending pigments for Gamblin, and his nights are spent painting.


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