Whitney A. Lewis

Whitney A Lewis is a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation located in Washington State. She has been working with beads since she was a young child.

Though her main focus is on beadwork, Lewis also loves working with cedar bark & other materials that are used in weaving. She comes from a family of weavers so weaving is another skill she was taught at a young age. Lewis and her family gather materials such as cedar bark and sweet grass, and prepare them to be used in projects like baskets or hats.

Black and Green Earrings & Purple and Pink Earrings

Beads, felt, leather, thread, clasp.

My favorite thing to do growing up was go over to my Auntie Gail’s house, who was always crafting something up. She had the beads out all the time, & taught me how to bead my first dentalium necklace…I’ve had a few teachers here & there, including my gram Barb. I starting actively beading in high school, but wasn’t committed to the craft until after I became a mother. Going on a few years now, my business has grown & I’m so excited to be sharing my gift with the world.

Whitney A. Lewis

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